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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

The Year 6’s spent the first half of the spring term learning through the topic of WW1 – which they found extremely fascinating, sparking many interesting questions, debates and fantastic writing. We started off with some drama to explain how the war began and focused on the history and geography. We put ourselves in the soldier’s footsteps writing letters, diaries and powerful narratives about trench-life. The students also created some moving art to go alongside. Our trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum was a great hit for us all, we were able to see real artefacts from the war and explore the aircraft hangers. On our return we learnt about the propaganda surrounding the war and woman’s involvement, Year 6 all signed up and applied for a job to help the country!

We kicked off the half-term strapping the year 6’s into a roller coaster simulator experience within the classrooms. They spent the day designing their very own theme parks – on a £10million budget!

This big-bang sparked our roller coaster report writing looking at the history and geography of the attractions then creating persuasive leaflets.

Then we took to the sky looking at the story of Philippe Petit, and his amazing stunt tight-rope walking between the Twin Towers through the story of ‘The man who walked between the towers’. The children produced some beautiful descriptive narratives based upon this story.

Curriculum Planning for the Summer Term