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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

This half term the children in Year 2 have been learning about: 
The children have loved their topic about Pets! We started the topic off by writing reports about different pets and how to care for them. We had some help from Wood Green who came in with mice and told us all about how to care for them. 

After we learnt how to care for the animals, we designed habitats for them. After we created our designs, we made these using our design specifications. 

We then looked into how to care for tortoises. From our research we found out that they eat weeds from the garden. We learnt about how to care for plants and planted our own weeds to feed to the tortoises. We're hoping to have a visit from the tortoises as soon as our weeds have grown!

 We read a fantastic book called 'The Dog Bottom Swap'

We have been writing our own versions of the story called 'The Great Cat Tail Swap'. 


Next term, the first topic will be 'Near and Far'. The children will be looking at different nationalities as well as comparing traditional tales from other cultures.