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The science curriculum at United Learning provides children with a:

-Coherent, substantive knowledge of the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics that provides pupils with:

-a secure, deep understanding of the nature, processes and principles of science through clear instruction and deliberate practice.

-an ability to apply long-term knowledge to make predictions and connections between disciplines, and recognise the uses and implications of science in the wider world.

-Gradual understanding of ‘vertical concepts’, taken from the Association for Science Education’s ‘big ideas’ in science.

-Grounding in core disciplinary knowledge, and the ability to systematically approach challenging, scientifically-valid questions through:

-Scientific Attitudes & Planning: asking scientifically relevant scientific questions and designing controlled investigations.

-Measuring & Observing: learning how to use scientific apparatus like rulers and thermometers, and making systematic observations.

-Recording & Presenting: setting up data collection tables and presenting this data in a variety of charts and graphs.

-Analysing & Evaluating: interpreting and analysing findings; drawing conclusions and evaluating the reliability of investigations.

-Excitement for science, that inspires a curiosity about natural phenomena and the world around them.