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Welcome to Reception!


We have been very busy in Reception this week working on our theme "Head to Toe". We have been learning all about our bodies and how they work, we even got to have skeletons in our classrooms! We all really enjoyed understanding how our bodies function and the best ways of keeping them healthy and safe. There is a doctor's office in each classrooms so we can help our friends who are not feeling well and pretend we are real doctors, we are delighted having such a big task as helping other children get well!
We have even taken our learning a bit further, we wanted to see with our own eyes how the digestive system works and what happens to our food after we eat it. We all got to participate in the experiment and felt like real scientists! 
We are looking forward to our next adventures in the classroom, learning lots and improving every day.
We will keep you updated to our learning!
Miss Sanchez.


Pets Topic

We had lovely Jackie, the Jack Russell who impressed us with how affectionate she was. We had a veterinarian who brought in two tortoises and a stick insect and taught us all about exotic animals and how they need special care. We also learnt how to check an animals heart beat and got to try it on ourselves! We had a corn snake, Mango, and we learnt about how snakes shed their skin. Some of us were a little bit shy at the beginning but now a snake is the most popular animal in Reception! We had Max, a lovely training dog who used to work as a school dog and is now retired. At last, we had two more lovely dogs, Minnie and Boss, who showed us lots of tricks and delighted us. We learnt lots about pets and really enjoyed this theme

 Our New Outdoor Area

The children had a wonderful time and specially enjoyed the tunnel, slide and the new sand area. It is wonderful learning outdoors and enjoying the nice weather.

The day we saved the bumblebee

We have had a fantastic adventure in EYFS! We were heroes for a day because we saved a bumblebee that couldn't fly properly. We found him on the grass and some of the children thought it wasn't safe for him to lay there, so very carefully we moved him to the planters where he could hide under the beautiful flowers. We got to observe the way he moved and we talked about why would he want to be near the flowers and how honey is made. 
It was fantastic saving an animal and making a difference!
We have had a fantastic adventure! 

Curriculum Planning for the Summer Term

Guidance to your Child's Learning and Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage

All children learn to read and write using synthetic phonics and at Abbey Meadows we use Optima Phonics as our programme of study. For more information please read our 'Parents Phonic Booklet' and explore our 'Useful Websites' list below. 

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