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Kit & Expectations

Whole School Expectations


At Abbey Meadows, we value physical activity and school sport and believe them to be very important aspects of children’s education.  In addition to their positive impact on health and fitness, PE and school sport also help children to develop their confidence, resilience, resourcefulness, team work and communication skills, all of which contribute positively to overall achievement and attainment in other areas of learning besides PE.


Inclusion is a whole school priority and this extends to incorporate PE and school sport. Even if illness or injury prevents children from physically taking part in lessons, activities can still be modified to accommodate them and it is expected that they will take on roles such as coaching, umpiring/refereeing, peer mentoring as well as participate in whole class, group and partner discussions.




PE Kit


In order for children to access the full benefits of PE and school sport, they are expected to be prepared for every PE lesson, be it indoors or outside and this involves bringing a clean PE kit to school at the beginning of every week. Outdoor PE will continue to take place throughout the year, including autumn, winter and early spring, so children will require tracksuit bottoms, performance trainers with soles that grip, spare socks and warm, water-proof clothing; boots with studs are advised for field sports such as hockey and tag rugby.


In order to keep carpets and lockers in school clean, children will also require carrier bags in which to keep their wet, muddy trainers/boots. PE is a statutory subject which children are required to participate in by law and it is not permissible for them to miss lessons because they do not have a PE kit.  If your child does not have a PE kit on the day of their lesson they will have to wear one of the spare kits that we keep in school if doing PE in their uniform is considered unsafe.




Safety is another whole school priority and our PE policy reflects this. In order to prevent harm or injury to themselves or others, children are expected to remove all jewellery, including ear rings, studs and sleepers for PE, even if the ears are newly pierced: this is in line with county council guidelines. If children are unable to remove ear rings on their own, please take them out at the beginning of the day on which they have PE. A doctor’s note must be provided if there are medical reasons why ear rings cannot be removed. Long hair also needs to be tied back so it does not obstruct children’s vision. .


Attending Competitions


Throughout the year competitions and festivals involving other schools will be taking place at locations in and around Cambridge and the expectation is that children will take part. We will notify you when such competitions and festivals are taking place and you will need to inform us if your child is unable to attend.