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The history curriculum at United Learning provides children with a:

-Coherent, chronological knowledge of the history of Britain and the wider world, through the framework of three vertical concepts. These vertical concepts provide both a concrete lens through which to study and contextualise history, as well as a gradual, deep understanding of complex, abstract ideas:

-‘Quest for knowledge’

How do people understand the world around them? What is believed; what is known; and what scientific and technological advances are made at the time? Why do people seek to rationalise?

-‘Power, empire and democracy’

Who holds power, and what does this mean for individuals at different levels of society? How is this power legitimised? How are people’s rights different in different political contexts?

-‘Community and family’

What is life like for people in different societies? How are these societies structured? How are family or community relationships different at different times and in different places?

-Grounding in core disciplinary knowledge, and the ability to approach challenging, historically-valid enquiry questions

-Excitement for history, that inspires a curiosity to learn more about the past.

Whole School Overview