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The geography curriculum at United Learning provides children with a:

•Relevant, coherent, progressive knowledge of the world and an ability to find their place in it, explored through the lenses of geographical ‘vertical concepts’:

•Location and Place

Where is this place?

What are the human and physical characteristics of this place?

What is the interaction between people and place?

•Geographical Scale

The location is seen at a local to global scale.

Cause, effects and responses can vary in their scale.

What are the similarities and differences at the different scales – local, regional, national, global. 

•Making Connections

What are the connections between the human and physical worlds?

How does one event affect another?


•Grounding in core disciplinary knowledge, and the ability to approach challenging, geographically-valid questions:

•Geographical skills

•Fieldwork enquiry

•Identify patterns and links

•Using examples and key vocabulary